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Italian restaurant rewards well behaved kids with family meal discount

A restaurant in northern Italy is being commended for its unusual policy that rewards families with a meal discount for keeping children under control. Antonio Ferrari has been running his own eponymous restaurant for 12 years and says he now just wants to show his customers that he enjoys having children at his establishment– as …

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Restaurant in Padua, Italy Gives Discounts for Polite Children

Sounds like a great time to brush up on those table manners. It’s news that anybody who has had a wayward toddler spill their juice on a white tablecloth will probably cheer for: A restaurant called Antonio Ferrari in Padua, Italy, is getting international attention after the owner gave a five percent discount to diners whose …

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I bambini educati al ristorante

A restaurant owner dismayed by the declining table manners of Italian children is offering discounts to reward those parents who promote good behaviour. Antonio Ferrari, the owner of an eponymous upmarket wine bar and restaurant in Padua, said that he introduced the 5 per cent discount because he was fed up with riotous children, as …

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Should parents be rewarded for bringing well-behaved kids to a restaurant

Inevitably, there are scenarios in which the sight of a child will cause adults to groan (hopefully) internally. Airplanes, for one. And for many, restaurants. The trope of a nightmare child running amok among tables and chairs, knocking over drinks or causing servers to drop trays, has been played over and over again on television …

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Why this Italian restaurant gives parents a discount for polite children

A family who enjoyed a meal out at their local restaurant on Sunday had a welcome surprise when they got the bill for their food: it included a five percent discount for their ‘well-behaved children’. Antonio Ferrari, who runs the restaurant in Padua, northern Italy, told The Local that the discount was a way of …

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