‘FOX NEWS’ – Italian restaurant rewards well-behaved kids with family meal discount

Italian restaurant rewards well behaved kids with family meal discount

A restaurant in northern Italy is being commended for its unusual policy that rewards families with a meal discount for keeping children under control.

Antonio Ferrari has been running his own eponymous restaurant for 12 years and says he now just wants to show his customers that he enjoys having children at his establishment– as long as they’re well -behaved, according to The Local.

The eatery, which Ferrari says is more like a wine bar, welcomes families with children and will often cook up off-menu, kid-friendly dishes  to satisfy picky customers.

But, says the restaurateur, not all of his younger patrons are deserving of his special discount.

“When you get parents who are rude, the kids think they can do anything. They might climb on the tables with their shoes on, play in the bathroom and make a mess with the taps, or annoy the other customers,” explained Ferrari.

On Sunday, however, the restaurant welcomed a large party– six adults and five children– and Ferrari found the young diners’ table manners to be exceptional.

The children reportedly worked on times tables and coloring books while their parents wined and dined. When the meal was done, Ferrari offered a five percent discount, resulting in 13 euros being knocked off the bill.

The family was reportedly so pleased with the discount that they returned the favor with a generous 30 euro tip for the waiter, reports Corriere Della Sera.

Ferrari’s claims he just wanted to thank the family for keeping their kids under control without making a big deal but the gesture has received a great deal of praise in Italy– especially because some local eateries are known to hike up charges for tourists, says The Local.

But even if your kids are perfectly behaved angels, don’t expect an automatic discount at Ferrari’s place.

He says he will definitely offer the discount again but probably won’t make it a permanent promotion because “that’s not the point.”

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